Preparing for Photos

The condition of your home can dictate the amount of interest your home gets during its time on the market. It is also one of the most economic ways to show the value of your home. It is important to give the best first impression to your potential buyers. Use the guide below to act as a checklist to help you prepare for upcoming photos (and showings). 

All of the Exterior

Move cars from driveway & front of home

Close garage doors

Clean up landscaping

Remove visible water hoses

Remove loose toys & sporting equipment

Wash windows

Put trash bins in garage

Clear snow from driveways, walks, & decks


Clean deck furniture

Tidy up chairs and cushions

Clean pool

Clean up dog waste

Remove/hide dog toys and dishes


Place food & water out of view

Place pet beds or toys out of view

Place litter boxes out of view

Remove pet hair from furniture

-We also want to avoid having pets in photos-

All of the Interior

Open all window shades

Make sure all mirrors & windows are clean

Turn all lights on

Dust everything

Declutter surfaces, closets & cabinets
Remove coats, keys, etc from coat hooks

Remove shoes from entrances


Clear counter-tops completely
Clear refrigerator of magnets, papers, photos, etc.

Clear off refrigerator

Wipe down all appliances & cabinets
Hide garbage cans
Remove dishes from sink
Remove rags & sponges from sink

Dining Room

Clear table & set table
Straighten all chairs
Remove booster seats & highchairs

Dust light fixture/chandelier

Living Room/Den

Remove stacks of magazines, books, papers, mail, etc

De-clutter fireplace mantle

Arrange furniture pillows neatly

Remove kid’s toys

Pack away knick knacks and chachkies

Remove large unnecessary furniture 

Master Bedroom

Make bed
Tuck in all sheets and comforters
Clear nightstands 
Remove computer/phone cables
Remove clutter from dressers

Organize closet - Remove everything from the floor

Other Bedrooms

Remove stickers from walls
Make bed
Tuck in all sheets/comforters
Clean under bed

Pack away toys

Organize closet - Remove everything from the floor


Clear all personal items from view

Clear counter-tops completely

Put toilet seats down

Close cabinet doors

Remove shampoo, soap, razors

Leave out clean towels (optional)

Empty visible garbage cans

Remove towels from back of doors