Curb Appeal

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

You never get a second chance for a first impression! This holds very true in real estate marketing. While calculating market conditions and property condition for pricing a home is important, most buyers make their final decision on emotion. If they don't get that "feeling" at your home, odds are, the sale is not going to happen.

That walk up to the front door is your first opportunity to wow your future buyer. Make sure you're staging your home on the inside and out. Start with your landscaping. Make sure all flower beds are well groomed and shrubs are trimmed. Keep the lawn cut- weed whip every mow!

Assess the exterior of your home. Replace rotting wood and rusted or missing exterior hardware. If your home looks weathered, prospective purchasers may think that your home hasn't been well maintained and they could question every blemish they see, going forward, during their visit to your home.

Powerwash your exterior and wash all windows. This will brighten up your exterior significantly. A clean house, inside and out, is a happy house!

Decorate your entryway for the season. Not only is it festive, it helps the buyer envision their seasonal belongings in the same place. A new doormat and bright entryway can make all the difference on your first impression.

For more tips on curb-appeal and a checklist for preparing your home to sell, contact us today!

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