Don't Reject That Offer!

You're excited, you finally have an offer on your home. Your agent takes a moment to review the offer with you and the purchaser has asked you for the moon! Don't stress. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. And remember, this is a business transaction and we're here to help you keep the emotion out of it.

Having animosity toward the other agent or buyer only causes more stress for you and your listing agent; a good listing agent won't convey the your frustrations onto the selling agent, because they want to try to keep the peace in your benefit. The selling agent's job is to get the best price and most favorable terms for their purchaser; and while most agents educate their purchasers on the process of offering on a home, they're ultimately at the mercy of what their clients want to offer.

Although some people have high expectations of sellers (new, perfect, all included, etc), most buyers come from the school of "what's the worst they can say, no?" And their offer includes items like grandma's hutch or the offer price is $20,000 under list. They're just trying to see what they can get out of you- and agree or disagree, it's a way of negotiations for some people.

Look at these bad offers as a starting point. Send a counter offer with

terms that are more favorable to you. If you have a meeting of the minds between counter offers, great, and if you don't, it's not the end of the line. Your home will sell, it just might not be to that set of buyers. So don't reject that offer out of insult, send them a clean counter offer and the purchaser will either become more agreeable, or walk away. In the end it is just matter of a couple days of correspondence lost, no sense in stressing about the matter.

#KeepCalm and Call Webb Realty Pros, today!

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