Getting Ready to Sell

You're right, they're not buying your stuff, but they are buying the idea of living in your home. And your best chance at selling your home is to have your home show ready. With the help of HGTV we put together this list to help you get it together before selling your home, or before having an open house.

  1. Start packing! Pack half of what you own away in boxes and bins in the basement, garage or storage unit. Your house will show best when there is less clutter and studies say that a home with less clutter is a home with less stress.

  2. Organize all closets and drawers. Again, they're not buying your stuff, but if they see you're bursting at the seams, they might think that the home doesn't have enough space for their stuff. tip: Open all closet and cabinet doors. Wipe them down and lubricate any squeaky hinges. If the doors are difficult to open or close, adjust them. It's one less task off of your buyer's impending home inspection list.

  3. Shorten that honey-do list. You know there are little quirks you're living with. While you're willing to live with them, the next prospective buyer might not ignore them. Their home inspection is going to help them put together a list of items the home needs and the shorter the report, the better! tip: Consider getting a pre-inspection before selling your home. Most home inspectors offer a lighter version of a full home inspection for sellers to make decisions on repairs and replacement before selling their home. For a list of our preferred inspectors visit:

  4. Stage. Every room should have a purpose and you should try to make the rooms look as large as possible. If you have any hutches or buffets that invade the space, consider moving them to another room or the basement.

  5. Get sparkly. Clean every surface. Wash walls, baseboards, cabinets, window sills, ceilinf fans, windows, mirrors, floors and furniture. Every surface should be dust and streak free. tip: If you can't clean it, paint it. If the walls are a bold color, consider painting them a more neutral tone. Paint and wall paper are tedious tasks for prospective purchasers and if your home and another have similar features and the other doesn't need painting, which house do you think they're going with?

  6. Depersonalize. This is a tough topic for us at Webb Realty Pros. While others feel you need to completely take yourself out of your home, we feel that you need to live in this house while you're trying to sell it and it needs to feel like home! Therefore, don't completely remove personal belongings and artwork, but reduce it by 75%. A few personal effects will also help buyers picture themselves living in your home.

  7. Spruce up your entry way. Paint the door, sweep off the porch, get new house numbers, get the cobwebs off the front light (replace/repaint if dingy) and get a new welcome mat. Clean out the flower beds, lay some mulch or stone, and trim the hedges. You've heard it from us once, and you'll hear it again... You never get a second chance at a first impression!

  8. Wash the siding and trim. If you're listing your home for sale in a warmer month, power wash the vinyl siding. If you have wood trim or siding, power wash and paint. Exposed wood on the exterior of your home can create an issue when it comes to your prospective purchaser obtaining a loan.

  9. Clean rain gutters. Reattach and repair any broken tracts, hangers and downspouts.

  10. Let go. This is the place you've made a home for so many years, but you're moving on to the next chapter of your life. So let go and get ready for an offer!

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