Staging Matters

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

It's helpful when buyers can vision themselves and their belongings in your home. A home that has clean and neutral spaces, free of clutter, helps buyers see the bigger picture.

When staging a home, its important to remember every room in a home has a purpose. If you have a "catch-all" room, remove the clutter and consider staging it as a library or office. Thinking of the big picture, buyers will have an easier time visioning your home as theirs when they can see the purpose of each area of the home.

Reduce personal effects. You don't have to erase any sign of family existence in your home, but pairing down on a lot of the personal photos and mementos will help keep the focus on the permanent aspects of each space: for example room size, floors, walls and natural light.

The National Association of Realtors suggests, when it comes to buyers envisioning themselves in a home, to put focus on rooms that hold the most importance to buyers. Living rooms, master bedrooms and kitchens are ideal areas of your home to help show off the different spaces of your home. The front door is also important! Be sure to make a good first impression when they walk into your home.

De-clutter. You're planning a move. Power through it, sort through it, and pack it up! People tend to have a difficult time looking past items that are out of place or overflowing their home base. Pack away any items that are out of season. Buyers peek in closets and cabinets to see storage potential. Be sure to showcase how outstanding your home is by living minimally.

Move your furniture around to ensure you have a nice walking flow through your home. Of course they're not buying your furniture, but they're not looking past that giant upholstered footstool you dragged from your college co-op when you graduated! Pack away over-sized pieces, damaged pieces or pieces that don't match the room.

Let there be light! Change or replace light bulbs so they're consistent in style or finish. Clean all windows and open drapery or blinds prior to showing. You want to show off how grand your home is and an ample amount of light will definitely showcase your spaces.

You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to showcase the beautiful spaces of your home. A little time and a concise packing, cleaning and de-cluttering plan will make a world of difference in the presentation of your home.

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