The Best Time to Sell

It's a hard timeline to map out. You can look at charts and graphs of statistics, you can look at last year's market trends in your area, you can even ask Punxsutawney Phil! You know what all of those reports and the available data are going to tell you? That the real estate market depends on several factors.

Mainly, what are current interest and unemployment rates? A potential buyer's "buying power" is solely dependent on these two things. The fact of the matter is: households are growing, shrinking and moving. In most areas, your home will sell for market value, no matter when you put it up for sale.

The more important timeline to discuss is when you're ready to sell your home. If you're not ready to make the move, no season is going to help you make a decision. It's important to have the best representation of your home, before you start marketing it for sale. Make the minor repairs that need to be made and switch out any dated decor and fixtures. A few hundred dollars can make a big impact in the offer price of your home. Click here for advice on putting your best foot forward.

For more advice on the right timing of selling your home, take a look at this article from the National Association of Realtors.

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