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Modern Neighborhood


Proper pricing of your home could be the difference between selling in a timely manner or not selling at all. 

Although the average real estate contract is 6 months, your home has the most exposure in the first 30-days of listing it for sale.


It's important to review the market information for your home and pricing within it's market range.  

Unrolling the Carpet


It's helpful when buyers can vision themselves and their belongings in your home. A home that has clean and neutral spaces, free of clutter, helps buyers see the bigger picture.

It is important to remember every room in a home has a purpose. If you have a "catch-all" room, remove the clutter and consider staging it as a library or office. 

Gardening Tools


Great first impressions will never fail, when it comes to the presentation of your home.


Before selling your home, take a walk around the exterior of your home and conduct an analysis. 


Is the exterior of your home water tight and free of peeling paint?


Are your hedges and flowerbeds overgrown or sparse in mulch? 

Modern Neighborhood


Having a presence online is a key component in providing exposure for your home sale. You've already gone through the process of market research, interior staging and increasing your curb appeal, you don't want to throw that away on a lackadaisical marketing plan. 


However, properly marketing your home for sale doesn't just stop at putting it online. You need an agent who is versed in all arenas of real estate marketing. 

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